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or abscesses in the lungs. Another termination is the formation
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warm water, forty drops of laudanum preceding the dose by half an hour.
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be affected by it : and against the known results of these
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the stomach, which are very slowly dug away by the gastric
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Drs. George E. Beyer and O. L. Pothier of New Orleans. Drs.
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Walsh,* from a study of diphtheria cases occurring in Washington,
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is possible only with solutions containing radium element in
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The 2^rccursor of the Uimoiir. — If we consider the age of the
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The 1994 guidelines state that the Department of Justice
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At all times it should be borne in mind that the patient, as well as the disease,
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side. Granting the matter, however, incontestably proved, it
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fessions, there in turn to be largely plucked by the ruthless fingers of
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quantity of muco-purulent liquid; although it is not neces-
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of their complaints: they have pain in the breast or side, head-
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of the gland and the islands of Langerhans at the same
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Management. — Dr. C. G. Slagle, of Minneapolis, was of
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Z>ose.-H.,gr.f I (.001-.015); jy^gv.^-^ (.0004-.0006).
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fatal. The amount of lung affected, even though extensive, is a much
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was of the opinion that it was developed just before death or
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Polled Angus growers. It would not be wise, however, to bring to
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prostration of strength — nausea and vomiting. Gave her
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valuable medicine makes the above a frequent question ; and it may not be improper tO 1
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Tenburif Union. — The First District is vacant ; area 16,341; population
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6 from convalescent Type I pneumonia, 3 from convalescent Type
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two arteries on one side and one on the other were tied, four were cured, one
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hands as heretofore ? Surely, if the past have taught
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Treatment of Fractures is invaluable, and should be known
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The optic tract may be pressed upon by tumor at the base, sometimes
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The histological facts ascertained in connection with the hemorrhagic
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is brought fully up to the advanced date of science.
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To co-operate with Committee of Arrangements of State Medical Society, Drs.