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inspect a body and give an opinion of the cause of death.' (Op at p. * ■ h

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tinguished from the catarrhal phthisis of Niemeyer known in

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Uttle time after food has been received into the stomach, it}[may be in the

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yet become impaired. No constitutional signs of compression were devel-

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purative condition of the last-named disease. Furthermore, a sweetish,

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ward from the centre of the front Building. This wing,

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«um till December 19, when, at the patient's own request, he

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is produced, which may be firmly bound down. The hairs which remain

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advocated the rapid withdrawal method, cutting off the whole supply of

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witii thdsi.- (it St.ipI'v/'Kii, iu.< /iv";'(V;(-i ..7/'rt.i.

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spasm in hydrophobia and tetanus. It has a wide and important

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England are pursuing a course equally disastrous to the

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significantly elevated SIRs (all based on seven or fewer

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The retraction and induration of the mucous membranes under the

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vations made upon children, aboriginese, animals, birds, insects,

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phenomena of pathogenic bacteria is thai of poison production.

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infarctions, usually in the cortex ; and cloudy swelling of the glandular

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averted with difficulty. Every physician encounters cases where the

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has not been translated. His work is in two volumes, on Frac-

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the chest two months previously, after which he began to suffer from

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are common sequelae of these conditions. The wisdom of such an

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physicians of the regular, two (2) of the homoeopathic, and

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special investigation of the individual cases. In some cases it

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61. Archiv fiir die Holliindischen Beitriigo zur Natur- und Heilkunde.

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The uterus is in sitit. It is light and movable. The os admits the entrance

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Hand outstretched caught him, a smile of triumph came, and lingered

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urine electrolyte determinations are particularly important when the patient is vomiting excessively or receiving