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subjects of which they treat — an ignorance of branches of learn-
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5. The presence of numerous large pigmented bodies in
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minates, and of the muscular fibres, with which these
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Effendi, the preacher in the great mosque in the year 1064 a.h. (1653-4 a.d.) Cf. T. 7. 7.
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diseases of the respiratory organs; and 4 in every hundred living, die
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6, 1 ; '22, 1 ; 23, 1 ; 31, 5 ; 39, 2. There are numerous blanks. Smaller sized paper
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with which the hairs emerged from the prolific part. In this,
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cases, have been rather more firm and solid, thannatural. The gall
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DM-ABC8 State 2 or more ways to reach or maintain target blood pressure goal.
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He directs the patient to place some iodine ointment on the ribs
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which individuals are most liable to use j unwholesome food and
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rubrics, corrections and additions, but no marginalia, marks of iron mould on the
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progressive dementia, severe headache, pupil phenomena, all of
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debility. In consequence of the centrifugal direction thus given
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is, however, readily seen that many weighty matters underlie
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Eraser and Comrie : Scottish Med. and Surg. Journal, July, 1907.
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rations enter, so that it would be unwise to discuss it in a
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Description: Paper, 6x4^, ff. 43, originally ff. 44, well written in Italy (?), in single
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. . . with sympathy born of understanding, to the relief of human
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vourable opportunity of testing its efficacy occurred a few days after I
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cranium, because, in chronic meningitis, matting at the base
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well and faithfully done in the former numbers of this Journal.
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which was offensive, was found ; then more pus welled up from the pelvis.
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contraction, lead to the formation of more and more dense
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Ends (13, 1 [f. '154'] v°. line 31): examinacionis manibus (?) et haec quidem de fusione
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circumstances connected with their use should be minutely stated*
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cases consequent on passive congestion, while high frequency
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American Indian/Alaska Native Specific Readings fcontiniied^
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a history of acute rheumatism, or other infection, from which
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médicales comportant un risque de préjudice corporel non disproportionné
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Now this idea, that the detraction of blood has the effect of diminishing
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