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proved to be self-induced. Such was Sangster's case of neurotic ex-

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of the wharves pending their embarkation for the United States, and

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ored fluid, which coagulated on emission. In some of them a colloid

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294 Medical Education and. Examinations in Ireland.

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The foundation on which he might have relied has not

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parasite, was the more frequent and led to the useless and often in-

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the following powder once a day, as circumstances dictate:

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b. Most frequently, in the rates used in military medicine, the

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the years 1833 and 1831 was a fearful famine which prevailed

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of influenza and was usually neglected. Under this head

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this case, yet in some cases when our suspicions of the

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deaf in both ears, that there was nodular thickening of

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the Atlanta case and the withdrawal of the suit in the Colum-

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be its symptoms. Of the latter, only a very general account can

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physical exertion, dissipation and vicious habits, in chlorotio and anemic women, and in the strumous diatheois inadulte

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they more usually follow, the first evidences of mental aberration.

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Of the 241 others who certificated, 173 (72 per cent.) were

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practically useful. By its intelligent study, — and its system is

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had its origin in the countries bordering on Egypt, and that in all ages

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incision in the skin, while the sole of the foot is held firmly against

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Causes. — The teats of cows are often injured by barb wire;

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of neurones affected. From considerations of space, and owing to the

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remedies. It is very good in pleurisies, and hence its

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satisfactory. In one case of high inflammatory type, and rapidly increas-

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throat. The patient was not short of breath and there was

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he return should be made. Let us adopt pied by them in the not-very-long-ago-past;

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where you can have a certain measure of freedom and indepen-

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the uterus. She felt this part of the operation, and