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as his constitution materially injured, by being drawn

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No aspirations or irrigations were performed for 48 hours after

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of the country, with their unclean habits, rendered

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health. While shooting, in the grouse season, he took a difficult leap, and

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a day. It ought to be suspended in mucilaginous water, so as to

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the bedside table and taken at the time you discover that sleep will

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the affection in the adult, is nevertheless distinguished by certain predominat-

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of Hygiene connected with this Bureau, which the American

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and investigation showed that he had seventeen spring-

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to the patient's friends, of the dangers involved. The

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however, with the advent of the schools of the Cynics, many of

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January 23-30 — Reconstructive Surgery of the Hip and Knee. University

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emotions aroused by the consciousness of a sudden injury in persons

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bad, may be cured in a short tirAe, by applying the

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in Nottinghamshire, and then for nearly thirty years

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b cf. I). Marino, Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., 1907, 18, p. 359.

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abstract of a report made by himself and the late Drs.

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the size of a small hazel-nut, was present. This I removed under

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area, and no more than these can be desired for any

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Wednesday evening, March 2d, at eight o'clock. The subject

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breeders aware of this, draw the milk teeth to make their colts

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scarlatina, as evidenced by the first report of the committee of

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monly called the "Massachusetts Cattle Disease." The

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But, as if startled at his own assertion, he endeavours to modify it in some

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on the contestant to show that intoxication was present

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Htoreroom and storeroomH for surj^ical apparatus were

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turbance could also work for good in certain diseased condi-

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adherent to liver, stomach, colon and to all organs in its vicinity.

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made as to the location, history, etc., of each sample kept

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no reason to change his own view, as expressed in the last

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trasonic examinations may be necessary to confirm the

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morphia, not only increases the efficacy of the latter as a destroyer

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^' It is now universally admitted by those who have had the oppor-

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actions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, reports a

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