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tacks of difficult breathing, etc.). There seemed to
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furnishes us with a solution the strength of which can be estimated
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ago. She had enjoyed fairly good health until a few weeks before
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dominal surface. This application should be watched, as
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The various cardiopathies are common in elderly people, but they
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useless and founded in error ; and that the existence of any thing
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in naphtha, and when melted add 2 parts of shellac;
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should be given with a mixture of vinegar, and resort had to
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1867. V. AuA-dge.—Kohler, Handbuch der speciellen Therapie. Tubingen,
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colour ; the swelling of the part diminishes, and it
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staggering during the acute stages. He quickly becomes dull
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normal left kidney, but rather drawn out inferiorly, and with the hilum
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and have isolated a substance possessing the properties of the tetanus poison
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liver a white, hard nodule which proved to be an echinococcus cyst.
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broken ends together correctly, and spliats are applied.
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emptied, as some valuable information may be derived from an examina-
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These men have more than the mere animal will to live.
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act, however, more as an astringent, and perhaps, by hardening
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Urin., No. 2, 1895,) reviews the history of this operation, which became
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speedily in the parts around the site of explosion. A sulphurous
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remark of mine that 'it is God who makes people good.' 'Y-yes, I know
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cried out, every time that I pressed on it. The pres-
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prepared for absorption. In advanced stages it may be called a puru-
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saturated with carbolised oil, and cold applications to the outside.
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Fifteen grammes of extract contains two grammes and fifty centi-
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gives better results in five minutes than can be had by Massage or the Turkish Bath in an hour.
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two or three more died in relapses several months later.
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1905 k.— Idem. [Abstract of 1905 h, by F. Mesnil] <Bull. de l'Inst. Pasteur,
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hage is due to that. I mention this case as it is a very singular
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any other wound. They should be dressed antiseptically. This
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an entirely new form of operation. It is as follows : — The tendon of the
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oughly capable of taking care of this matter. I believe the
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rapidly; whereas, cultures twelve hours and older, on transplantation,
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few years later, however, M. Pouchet, equally eminent as a
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Keppler, 12 who has apparently done the most accurate
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is persistent neuralgia about the. right arm, and the