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Ulcer op the Stomach. — ^The question of operation for ulcer of

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developed in connection with scarlatina and pregnancy.

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in the vicinity of the city were under cultivation for

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Plans for Mil Hosp and Evac. HD: Wilson files, "Hosp

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fession throughout the Union to carry the fications to suit Virginia's special condi-

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I generally select the usual bed time for the adjustment. I allow my

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tion before regular treatment of the condition, [a. B.C.]

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fidl-blooded, ruddy, warm, round-limbed, tight-skinned,

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desirable that the sanitary authority should be fixed by the

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than the concavity of the acetabulum, whilst the neck of the bone

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with cardiac disease, especially with mitral obstruction or regurgitation. They

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the late Dr. Robert Cory, for many years director of the board's

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destroyed by tbe disease, and the vacuity created by the caries filled with

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is approximately 30,000. There are twenty-four active practitioners

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are mere passive agents, being, in fact, pressed outwards by the

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Dr. Lee said that in the table before the Society, out of thirty-seven cases in

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likely to be seriously involved than in ascending infections, while in the

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lie would not feel justified in performing the operation again.

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is no increase of expectoration,-— no more difficulty of breathing,—-

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to make a positive differential diagnosis between benign

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manganese, being the proper stimulant to the lymphatic glands, causes

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which will produce inflammation and chronic catarrh of the

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flate the balloon with 20 c.c. of air and have the tube

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of the United States. Rep. Superv. Surg.-Gen. Mar. Hosp.,

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fever of the Volga.] Med. Obozr., Mosk., 1892, xxxvii, 624-

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walls in respiration he did not perform tracheotomy.

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cepted. Hustling out of bed at i a.m. first in the fall,

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gan, and very often a deep-seated pain in the orbit In

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350. — Greenlcy (T. B.) Is malaria an entity? Am.

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pneumogastric, hypoglossal, and spinal accessory nerves

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tion and gave the history of a case, saying that he re-

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ile, or, if bacteria are present, they are harmless. — Virginia

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telephone that a reply had been received. The prevalent fever was

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young adults in the same period of syphilization, where the disease was

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March 1894, calls attention to the fact, as he believes, that

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being continuous, and he was always positive that it was so,

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growing year, since it has an unusual cycle of development. Tussi-