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Specimen No. lb'23 from the }[useum of Unlrersity College Hospital}

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be the result of the expedition, the Government will deserve

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fusion m a complicated organism will necessarily result. Thus, if the amount of blood drcQ-

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fellow-townsmen by innumerable acts of kindness and generosity, by

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forming a ])rojeclion which extends back behind the

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two important diagnostic points — the pulsation in the vessels of

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The Genito-urinary Organs. — Changes in the kidney are such as may

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steam ; 4, oxygen ; 5, light ; 6, electricity. These powers, and likewise

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tion of which cannot be conclusively made out in the present state of

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papillae. There is an increase in the secretory activity and absorption,

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often due to the method employed. Intelligent hydropathic

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are usually considered benign growths, and are not operated

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pipette, of a few cubic centimeters of fairly concentrated acetic

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English subjects during tlie two sieges of Paris. He had

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Austin, J. Harold: Metabolism studies before and after splenectomy in a

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my work having been in vain ; still, tlie most important ques-

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the desired point and yet be absorbed sufficiently early to

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It early became apparent that an accurate comparison from

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conducted both in this country and on the Continent of Europe,

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and right hypochondrium, not severe, occasionally radiating to the right

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fibrous tissue in which there were numerous relatively small pyramidal

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of the mixture may be varied according to the ' percentage"

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Dr J. K. Mihic Dickie and Dr J. S. Frascr exhibited recon-

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indeed, " a feeling against it almost amounting to aversion." Now we think

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ployed it in six cases with enlargement of the thyroid, one of

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rence of a new species of Txnia in the human body <Med. Times & Gaz.,

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first place, to frequent difficulty in pushing the cord high enough up into

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the freezing-point of the blood. Other writers claim that the

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parts so highly cellular as to lead Dr. Goodhart, who examined

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arm, but it may extend into the posterior space following the deep

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from 185 experiments with poisons. Practical applications of the results to the Therapeutics

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occupation, age, race and sex to the more important diseases.

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It U superior to the be?t AiTowroot ; makes in short time, und .at trifliiit; cost, delicious Blano-mnnje, Puddings, Cakes, Omelets, Creams, and

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not only among posterity in general, but also, I think

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is rarely met with unless associated with simultaneous fracture of the

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7. Colley's. (?) Quicklime 1 oz., nitre i oz., orpiment 3 dr.,

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Thus, in acute stages with involvement of the articulations between the ribs

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even more than a year. This was known to the older physicians

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ing definite given factors : i '■> mm. of cop-