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hysteria and the various associated conditions which are met with in the

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Arlington, Ky. Ex. Pres't So. Western Ky. Med. Assoc.

indocin injection product information

various branches of the hepatic duct under ether anesthesia. Asepsis was main-

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were the results of previous sympathetic inflammation.

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allow myself to read these reports on the surface, and not analyze them,

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One must here choose between a gastro-intestinal and a metabolic auto-

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der Convergeuz. A; cb. f. Augenb., Wiesb., 1891, xxiii,

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point was to treat the patient as well as the disease,

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GLYCO-HEROIN (SMITH) is admittedly the ideal heroin

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the article of our esteemed young friend, Dr. D. C. O'Keeflfe,

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