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Twenty-four of the 30 cases were, by common consent, surgical from the begin-
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limb was swollen and of hue from the extravasated
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course of the abdominal aorta. It would seem strange, of course, that
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ing, of New York, stated in his charge to the jury, in a
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Of these, 77 cases were males, 23 females, average age 38.8 years.
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nution. The child grows more and more helpless ; the voluntary eleva-
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quantities of puriform matter, and then ceases from expectorating
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the rate of mortality has been not above the average of ten
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and microscopes. Thus it was that Le Terrier and Adams, by calcula-
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W'k are ^lad to noliee siuh an evidence of thi' prosperitv of
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parent in the school community with an enclosed slip for the
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exposed. All of the remaining involucrum seemed in-
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of the year, and 304 in the second quarter. In the summer
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The old man who died of disease of the shoulder-joint, was also too ill
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notes, and that these will be assigned a place among grave produc-
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The skin of the auricle should be thoroughly cleansed with soap and
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bility of recovery to a certain extent influences relatives ; but
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tion, while the topical application of a watery solution
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Dr. II. P. BowDiToii, of Boston, gave a brief description of
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are liable, at the first introduction of the instrament into
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accompanying a permanently slow pulse without heart
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.whether these changes are primary (Thin,Jamieson, Rob-
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schr., 1900, 'u. F.. xvii, 1-4. — fiathani (F. M.) Anti-
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M.D., P.O. Box 1028, 113 Madison, Jefferson City, Mo. 65102. The transmit-
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thirds of the cases recorded by Chelius recovered ; and, in the French ambu-
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importance. While the latter term is used to designate
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appearance, large compensatorily hypertrophied Malpigliian bodies
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The coats seem very thin. Direct pressure on it gives the boy at once
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A. Fordvce, of New York, read a pajier with this title, in
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but it is just possible that this may have had some similar j
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A factor of prime importance in the production of ex-
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Navy, for his valuable communication relative to the
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of puberty the patient was never sick, not even hav-
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general nutrition; (2) an examination which has for its special object
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The anode on the other hand must be hot, otherwise it
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them that knowledge which is indispensable. From an extensive experi-
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the heart has gradually returned to its proper position ; and, in fact, the child may
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the part. In some positions, as in an inflamed lymphatic gland,
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training. The natural tendency of anyone who has charge of
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two years afterwards she was in perfect health. There can bo no
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St. Bernards, are hardly thoroughly matured at the age of
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scribed by Morton as "a rapid secretion, an albuminous oedema, a nearly-
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