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twelve minutes. The patient rallied, but died of septicaemia
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The ovaries are the essential organs of generation in the
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which aconite is specific, that deserve mention. The first of
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an inch to as much as two inches. The area of dullness is in-
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bowels it acts in a curative direction, and in spasmodic cough and
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the urethra would permit of. If the spinal cord be destroyed
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in its action. In many cases of fever and inflammation, though
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of life. A man lives because he has the power of renewing his
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Scars at the angles of the mouth, when not the result of in-
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periods ranging from a few days to many months. The new ex-
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eight in the minute; in the ox or cow, thirty-five to forty-^
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patients, whose excretions are of a foetid character. Its ready solubility
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no sequelae. I have treated five other cases with like results."
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sition, whilst incidental causes only exert a secondary in-
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after all, may not be half as good. Bismuth subnitrate is a useful
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and hamamelis given in conjunction, as above indicated, are pos-
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"It must not be expected that the indications for remedies
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and fifth right ribs near the sternum, and the cartilages of the
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the muscular system and its investing connective tissue and
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The very great importance to surgical practice which the introduction
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But, gentlemen, there is another class of facts of which
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with the patient in such diseases as typhoid, which are more
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the Eighteenth Annual Keport of its operations, and the
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the management of diphtheria, will find fatal cases rare,
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experience teaches us, are in one of those extremes of so-
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procul negotiis/' Fortunately, there are at hand then the
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to the bladder, the urine being scanty, high-colored, or mixed
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pulse extremely feeble, and bowels costive. Dr. Chew
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These should always be studied first, for we want to know the
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Indications. — Cough of measles; whooping-cough; bronchial
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five or ten years established, immersed in hospital
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pressure in the kidneys, and in every way improves functional
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gonorrheal orchitis it constitutes an excellent remedy to combine
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rodent ulcer which had led to the destruction of the eye and which
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whose retina is increased in volume, pushed forward by
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also frequently employed as a means of counteracting cardiac
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given by her, except many years of overwork and abuse of
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Aconite, veratrum, gelsemium. belladonna, mix vomica, quinine,
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into the Journal, the most prominent of which are the following :
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hyperemic condition of the vocal organs. This produces aphonia,