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1 About the centre ( ,f tip- sternum was a slight bulging, of reddish colour
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day he had complained of his head, and had vomited without any
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mine that the tumor is independent of the uterus. I be-
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Read be/ore the Chicago Society of Ophthalmology and
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Although he seems to have written a very clear and beauti-
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tions and enlargement of the gall-bladder, which, in time, becomes
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marriage. This young lady presented signs of pelvic abscess
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Mt Dkau Doctor: It is desired to .secure information as to
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will be promptly restored by nutrition, nor have we any
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healing. The peritoneal surface was healing. The peritoneal cavity
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permits removal by intubation of duodenal contents. Absence of trypsin
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power and the difficulty with which it takes up anilin dyes (this
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soui'ce of iri'itation, under the ordinary conditions of
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in the uterine functions ; if you can gather any history of former
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ments be weak, the bone may be more readily reduced : but it is more liable
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tion, of plumbing-inspectors, of the chemist, etc. The
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The case presented a modification of symptoms ; and
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paralysis of the muscles of respiration in a lady of sixty, who had been
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reckon one hundred such persons), all took the disease in 1846;
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whilst the inflammatory pi-oducts which form the bulk
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Diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus, in spite of the agree-
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paralysis with anaesthesia, and rapid loss of electro-muscular
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after injection. The experiments were carried out on rabbits and dogs,
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of starch, as already pointed out, the condition would appear to be one
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I did not cnrette or give intrauterine douche again, but kept up the vaginal
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the service has been an injury, provided it was the best we knew how
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increased during fever, decreasing after the fever, while the serum
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posterior diameter of the wrist, while the fingers are in a semi-
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tity and in specific gravity, and it is only at the end
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regard to the stitches, it is impossible to say whether
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pressure, until the ebullition of the gas which forms, has
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too short a time. Nor does it include a number of cases improved
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