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But recollect, I am not recommending that acute rheumatism
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functions were not in any degree disarranged ; but, contrary
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To the fostering care of this house, the Gazette owes no small
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accomplished without the slightest accident and with no ap-
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to paralysis of the motor nerves has been proved by
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circumstance of the case ; since, by judicial dissections, the
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would be tempted to believe that the organ was entirely composed
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INkhosi rtsite bakaNgwane lobekaharnbe naNdvunankhu-
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“It was first noticed in Kingston, township, on the
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rarely affected by syphilitic periostitis. It happens, however, that'
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lution, reported the following resolution, which was adopted, viz. .
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Within the last two years he had forty cases, and, in these,
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that as the pregnant uterus rises in the abdominal cavity, it exerts a
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tiseptic properties. N. Orl. M. & S. J., 1882-3, n. s., x, 284-
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considered the proximate cause of the swelling to be seated in
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of these forms of fever appears to be easily communicated in the
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permitted, to show that among those who not infrequently
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mon earthworm (Lumbricus terresiris). This cycle maybe expressed
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tempts to check them, are still impudently carrying
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circumstances, their morbid effects have been much exaggenited. Occur-
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with a strange blending of all. The keynote of all the
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best of all by means of a water bed, which unfortunately
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by the various preparations of iron. Electricity in the
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both in functional and organic disease of the heart. It is extreme in the
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the throat, and afterwards the surface of the body. In females,
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condition ? Could there be any selfishness in taking the humble pittance
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by which he bequeathed all his surgical and medical ap-
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Convuhionty as will be seen from the following table :
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Prof. Austin Flint has devised a very useful trocar for paracentesis,
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minims. But being an active rubefacient and stimulant
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cause of recurrences of edema and increase in albuminuria.
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in making diagnoses and prognoses. The purpose of the present paper
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toward evening and with a morning remission. In some cases, when
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with (Chauffard, Grasset). The capsule is adherent. The cortical sub-
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about 8 oz. of fluid being evacuated. The edges of the sac were sewn
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litica. Arch, di psichiat. [etc.], Torino, 1889, x, 375.—
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filth, now the cleanest city in the world, is now almost free