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of 394 in February to one of 384. During the first three
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again present the plea for more men In the higher grades. We
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twentieth commencement May 31 and graduated 7 women, Lois
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times; then allowing the tube to stand fifteen minutes and
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ate. The temperature varied from 100 to 102 degrees. The
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proteid tissue. When one reflects on the minute doses of iodo-
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medical officer of the army in South Africa, commending Dr.
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sesses a place, and that it is not simply cast into the
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like hardness. While in the early stages of inflammation
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In view of the fact that self -purification of rivers
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fraud in its protean aspects against the people and
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two personal cases reported, a slight difficulty in urinating had
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surgeon, 28th Infantry, to be surgeon with the rank of major.
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ance is shown, when we remember that the majority of
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He emphasizes the importance of pushing the treatment until
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further improved by throwing out the pre-antiseptic
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«an8 in San Francisco to give $26,000 each for the erection of a
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bility of survival even when the functions of the liver are re-
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disease of the heart, 17 of whom presented hydrothorax. Of
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resume them. He had two anteriorly at intervals of three days,
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tuation. It should then be employed as a step to thorough ex-
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to be present in the majority of the cases in which the
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by the appointment, a year ago, of a committee for the
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Cask 220. — Operator, Porter. Dorsal region ; duration, 28
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by no means a favorable one for a test. For several years
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and digestive disturbances which irritate the brain by the
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presidents; Dr. Clifford H. Trotter, Winona, secretary; Dr.
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will be found in a series of works undertaken in the laboratory
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two aborigines, one of whom makes better arrows, and
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once instituted. It is well as a routine practice to
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necessary, provided that it shall hold no session on the
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in the genesis of porencephalia. Bosenfeld described researches
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urticarial elevations, papules, small vesicles filled with
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44 A Case of Streptococcal Infection Successfully Treated br
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ment of the parts in connection with the first and second
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of the organ or allow the penetration of the bacterium ooli
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in Kentucky, holds, Sudduth vs. Travelers' Insurance Com-
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nant. It was situated on the abdomen, and caused the death of