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than the important results of a coexisting cerebral anaemia (vide infra). In
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produced with the aid of the sartorius and the tensor vaginas femoris (inferior
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of the muscles to passive motion. In most cases we observe a very striking
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them inflated, we notice plainly the flaccidity of the cheek on the paralyzed
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work in the special fields of general surgery and in the surgical specialties. Opportuni-
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days from half -past ten to one, from three to five, and from half -past six ta
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(the tic douloureux proper), occur rarely in the first division, more frequently
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Dr. Alice Eer (M.D. Berne), The Children's Hospital, Birmingham.
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those cases in which a primary neuritis, but not a poliomyelitis, is the anatom-
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to have been no neuritis of the oculomotor nerves themselves, but many small
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much used, particularly green soap, painting with iodin, and especially the
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tion of Eyes of Fifty-five Patients. Jour. A. M. A., 1909, vol. liii, p.
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For the Fellowship, — Cue course of lectures on Comparative
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covery of increased or diminished excitability of nerve and muscle can be
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1 '"^ther serious defects - well developed spots or areas and/or other
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jority of all " traumatic neuroses/' for the neurosis is certainly produced by
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cases quite extensive atrophic paralysis gradually develops in the lower ex-
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anaesthesia is first found on a physical examination. It is worthy of note that
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acter, while in the milder forms of later years the above-mentioned exogenous
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second summer session a prize of the value of £2 28. will be given for
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vc} A single-service parchment or parc^ntlzed paper covers the product
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marked increase of the sweat production, which in rare cases is only uni-
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four and the sixth books of Euclid; Algebra, Plane Trigonometry, and
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performed their respective duties to the satisfaction of the physidans and^
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ease of the anterior corpora quadrigemina. Another point to be considered,
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to life. Eecurrence of the paroxysms is to be expected if the patient be ex-
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suet ^ i^turny and varylftg In size fr©n pinpoint to full yolk
ketoconazole 2 reviews
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merely blunted, so that hot water is felt meretv as tepid, or ice as cool. If
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central canal is dilated to a diameter of 0.5 cm. or 1 cm. and the longitudinal
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creas, and stimulates the decomposition of sugar. But all attempts to demon-
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aspect, but finally we may find more or less definite changes in them, although
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