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Bet. IX. — A Clinic^ Histoi^ of the Medical and Surgical Diseases of
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in the incisors. In hereditary syphilis the teeth are often deformed, very
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the opposite way. It retards the blood-current through the right heart somewhat,
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cape of pus both externally and internally, and will not only infect
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If the patient comes to feel that he has no will-power of his own,
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Mr. Gay said he had found some tumours like these in veins,
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both hands and feet, so much so that it is sometimes more easy to drag
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tion of wearing a pith hat or carrying an umbrella, the
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disease is due to irritation of the cervical sympathetic,
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stenosed orifice) and the aorta. The upper chamber was
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Eepr. from : Proc.Inst. Civ. Engin., Lond., 1882-3, Ixxi.
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and public health for six years following internship.
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sidered as Satisfactory, of Treatment of Fractures of the
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died of phthisis, but she is well five years later. 4. V.'s wife
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at the knees and hips. Fine, jerky, involuntary movements are more
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disease; the Germans, the Kussian pest; the Russians, the Chinese catarrh.
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sider the practicability of flying. Faujas xle St. Fond, Cavallo,
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schools whenever and wherever the conditions warrant it. And
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British Medicine and Surgery since the last Nottingham
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rather than to their cure, should our present efforts be
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picion as to the previous existence of a chronic disease should be aroused
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phate which has become inerusted on the walls of the ve.-tsels,
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filament after it breaks away from the parent sphere,
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does not breathe in her face. Her hands should be disinfected with a
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