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together by lymph, which was effused in large quantity about
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decomposed by exposure to the air. M. Swartz, Professor of Chemistry at
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maintained in good position. It would require the pre-
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this career or occupation, especially if such acquire no love and
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was to treat it on a perfectly straight inside splint ; the
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also the great practical advantage that estimates made for the sub-
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Surgical Home, 2 p.m. ; Royal Orthoptedic Hospital, S ; West
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may not accomplish this the first thing, but ought to
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will be likely to return, and may be more strongly marked, after the ab-
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The methods of endoscopic surgery learned from these
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peculiar fact that when we had to deal with even the
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and round the ears, by its appearing as a weU-defined vesicle
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and prescribe appropriate remedies {vide infra). In such cases
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1886, to 31st May, 1887) may be taken as an illustration of
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"Spotted Fever appears to have its seat and throne in the brain, to belong nosologically to
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as the later more severe ones, because one found the symptoms of them to be
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excess of this should be given. If feces are large in quantity,
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Patient was a prosdtute of the lowest grade ; died on
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an inch apart. The hair of the scalp is not injured.
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observed in certain morbid conditions of the nervous system, are
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so large it caused suffocation in a child. They are generally very irregular
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five distinct tuberculous masses in parts of the small intes-
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Affairs other than medical had a strong interest for Dr Kilgour,
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plied such extractive force as to lacerate the vaginal and ligamen-
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the uterus at its neck ligatured In halves. A strong clamp
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tenderness which was present over the two flanks as an indication that
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production of sugar by the liver, dependent on morbid excitation re-
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greatly dependent on the duration of the sessions of
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lection of articles under such headings as: Scienti-
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medical findings of interest to the patient's treating
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was the first one to whom a commission was issued by the war
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only to the inner three fingers. The index finger has,
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ducts may be sufficient to cause jaundice ; and obstruction here may be caused
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