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The gall-bladder was distended to the size of a very large
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plications in syphilis. And Stokes (" Diseases of the Chest," p. 94)
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which we have a wholesome dread. If we do not operate upon
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1 This case occurred in the practice of Dr. G. E. Titcomb, of Con-
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could not, therefore, be supposed that the metallic poison had
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1). For example, among patients at high risk, only 14%
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luvox 50mg generico
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1 1. Ames EC, Copeland EM, Leeb DC, et al.: Liver dysfunction
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aphonia, both in its causation and in its tendency to ultimate
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brook, T. J. (Morrisville) ; Rublee, C. C. (Morrisville).
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trolling fact, which runs through every experiment and every
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Dr W. Allan Jamieson ; Council, Dr J. O. Affleck, Dr George A.