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that the reference to "Whytt is inaccurate, and that he reported
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thickness of mosquito netting or some such material, kept constantly
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ries," he ascribed the first successful ovariotomy in
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warm bath, or the application of steam or hot air. It is not desirable to
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among the majority of physicians, but among the better
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Annual Report of the Secretary of the North Carolina State Board of Health 400
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carious, which would render it valueless. Resection of
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ulcers the leper suffers from fever, 100° to 102° F., which
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Since Wenkebach has not recorded the venous pulse in his published cases
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The history of syphilitic inoculation was clearly made
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cyst ; it affects the health much more quickly, and is accompanied by hyper-
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tained as to it causing trouble from irritation, provided it
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along so furiously, the traveller has to brace himself up, and stand stock
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j however, he might be in error, and was a\ illing to
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Lauenstein and others, which they consider is an advantage
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in labour could not be ascertained. The waters were dis-
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just as little influence. The undulation has been observed to
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calling, to become pre-eminently cultivators of the whole field of natural
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recovered without any noteworthy feature. By carrying the infra-
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power to influence the coagulability of the blood and the integrity of
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tion to make with reference to the allusion of Dr. AA'ood to
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that if the medical profession is not directly responsi-
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and horizontally, palms down, lingers togeMier, thumb against the forefinger.
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medicines act by repressing the discharge, and it is only after a time that
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sions : — • ance of this inquiry as the being able to
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unpolished in his manners, talking a great deal very freely, and in
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stricture. Here the gall-bladder must be retained for the anas-
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Dr. Harvey, which was about the year 1628. Had he lived
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jury; it is much more marked in injuries of the trunk than In in-
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The theory at first probably existed only to explain the
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this time a line or two, and it is distinctly outlined against the dark-
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greatest boon that any one of them, in case of serious sick-
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tion appliance. Secondly, the restoration of function in the
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ten to twenty-eight per minute ; after trotting five minutes they
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reducing a hernia. In three cases there was no apparent local cause of
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to five days, without medication. Had medicine been
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ries," he ascribed the first successful ovariotomy in
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rickets is known to be prevalent in the West Indies. It is also believed