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circulation ; after several minutes the bandage is loosened,

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pression until they gradually drift into the depths of

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acidosis, fatal and nonfatal hepatitis (cholestasis may

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nation of the patient, we find he complains of a long-standing

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care of the children and of domestic affairs generally. So it seems to

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usually become quiet and placid as the transfusion takes effect.

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facts and inferences, and so become his follower ; or, secondly,

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of those children whose parents are not financially able to pay

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and pour all into a mould. Stir into the cream (or if there is

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and many other every day practices of modem medicine and surgery. No one

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best remedy." As an emmenagogue he thought highly of it. He

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Hoilges (F. H.) Cases of foreign body in the cornea and

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mental states of his patients. These results had not as yet been

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I Justice had latterly some doubts about the verdict being in accordance with

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psychiatry lay through the dark portal of metaphysics. And yet the

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Amenorrhcea. — By anienorrhcea we mean absence or suppression of the

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first introduced into British schools by Dr. Hughes Bennett,

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gutta-percha dissolved in chloroform (gutta-percha 10 parts, chloroform

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ly reported every case of wandering gall stones in the literature

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time to explain, in a measure, what the above train of

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stem is branched, glabrous, leaves ovate, berries abundant, and black,

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alone or in the form of bitter beer. In the mouth, these drugs

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comprehended and defined, Various points and facts in the history

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Small doses are of no avail. 5. The diuretic action, in all

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Phe disease belongs almost exclusively to the female

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thrown outward, resting first on one foot and then on the

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count of the small amount of material at their command. More-

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practice. Even a rapid review of the curricula of the

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first of the hind limbs then of the fore and lastly of the chest and

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A foreign body rarely, if ever, remains in the human tissues without

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cytoplasm of the parasites. Pigment granules (at o) are evidence of previous

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