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appear otherwise altered. The muscular coat was in some parts firm

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lost six of her crew in consequence. The history of the out-

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conium, as procured from different druggists, Mr. Judd draws some practical

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tuberculosis, teach that the majority of us are infected

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ing paper by Mr. Stanley, of London, giving the history of a number of

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metamorphosis ; nothing is said about change in its size. In

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(though, of Jcourse, convulsive action may have existed) . How rarely,

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sympathetic ophthalmia of the other eye. During ten weeks the

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by old bands of adhesion from former inflammatory exu-

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ment of leeches and emetics, the child seeming to he in imminent danger of

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" The submuscular fascia is very elastic in the recent eye, and is attached

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25 bed clinic hospital required. Located in a high-

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1 ' Jonnud do M<cl«dn« et de Ohinirgio»' ko., Joilltty I867i p. 898.

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to hasten the progress of the disease. Sulphate of quinine has been given with

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shotgun remedies, is utteriy useless, but the free samples,

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disease we should perpetrate something like this: Man-

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calomel and opium, the former in S-grain doses every two hours.

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the English medical authorities dwell upon rather more

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man by his fellow-man, are not evidenced^ With us the chief endemics

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beautifiers" appear to stimulate hair growth, and that

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severe as that of mucous colitis. It must be relieved by

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discovers in any organ elongated and fusiform cells with a stafi^-

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Abdomen. — ^The liver was congested ; a small fibrinous deposit

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better, but at night he became feverish, excited, and delirious. This condition

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vulsively; his lips moved quiveringly up and down; his eyelids were expanded