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the exciting cause probably the shock of a surgical operation ; the effi-

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Miss V., Oct., 1882, was blind, had both eyes operated on, but without success. Other troubles

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brought out by Drs. Bryant and Buck, and one may say at the outset

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is 100 grms. The tolerance for sugars in diseases of the liver and in

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battle of Gettysburg, in which a complete cure has been

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of Surgery," declares that " diffuse septic and suppurative

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for years in the hands of doctors on account of stomach <lisorder.

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but in this respect one mus;^ 1^ reserved in one's opinion.

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Committee, which stated that Dr. Strange had resigned his po-

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battle of Gettysburg, in which a complete cure has been

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was found to have filled the space extending along the

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wholly successful. Hebra recommends subcutaneous injection of a 15 per cent

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tor placed either before or behind him, places before his eyes, at a few

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always be a judge of from the appearance of the ani-

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cooking diminishes the digestibility of animal foods and increases that of vegetable

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Turnbull, C. S. Persistent pupillary membrane, 250.

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pills, thrice daily, throughout the period of treatment.

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and button entered together. Singularly enough, in this instance,

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serious, if neglected, than the posterior displacements. Antevetsion,

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di Torino, an. 43 [3. s.], v. 27 (5), maggio, pp. 360-361. [W m , W c .]

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1893, p. 997. — 10. Cheyne. "OnEpid. Dysentery in Ireland," iJitftZm ^os^?^. iJe^orte,

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The Wassermann test and subcutaneous tuberculine test were

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at the ex])iration of which he was discharged with tin;

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scarlatinosa; R. nata; rosalia; hybrid scarlet fever; German, Rotheln;

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Diagnostic points: The hip is flexed, abducted, and rotated out-

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places in regard to the prevalence of fungus diseases of the

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'Here limestone ledges present a striking contrast with the