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hospital but as he did not improve was admitted on September.
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a nervous ailing and they are the ones mostly afflicted
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P. D. male a laborer by occupation was admitted to the Hos
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a definite diagnosis of the pathology must be made out or
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part of the physician private and dispensary cases need but
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ternally in large doses it is a powerful poison it has
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antitoxins act. It is supposed for example that the diphtheria and
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the nerve centers or ganglia or conducting nerve fibers.
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moved. While he was attempting to raise the cheek to ascertain this and
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should be read and studied not only by Physicians and Sanita
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tionally cause death when injected into rabbits. Continuing the
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domestic cigars without becoming ill and then develop cardiac distur
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typhoid fever from thirteen measles from forty nine and small pox from
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juice the growth is profuse. Blood medium heated at C. or above
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leukemic features but they were not sufficient to warrant a diagnosis
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paratively speaking unless there has been before the advent of the
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yield quickly to the use of proper stays. Again and again
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Let us suppose that the area of the healthy chest after ex
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in principle the combined cold shower and Russian bath
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properties from the books and the Professor of Materia Medica
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inodie contraction of sonn part of the gastro intcstitial
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of coloured people at the hospital during the same time was per
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some of the Boards at the final examination especially the proportion
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conditions would be entirely lost. If there is anything in clairvoy