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companied, as it may be, by high fever and by severe pain in
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perceived by the second. Now, this instruction of the senses constitutes
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in cortisol production results in decreased inhibition
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that account, it is considered good practice to give an emetic and
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more lengthy than there was necessity for. The mother
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further administration, and, after a short time, the patient had the inex-
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lay them in a greased baking tin without touching, flatten
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parison of all provings made, and of the selection of that only
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has saved many lives by his devoted nursing on the green
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into sulphide, more speedily and at a lower temperature than charcoal. _
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ments du pied. Ibid., 1885, 2. s., xiv, 1075-1081. — Guide
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Bull. Soc. d anat. et pliysiol. . . . de Bordeaux, 1889, x, 162-
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replaced by the isodynamic amount, about 72 grams (2 J ounces), of
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the coin-catcher to catch and extract the coin. I suc-
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empty of blood as in the first case. The lungs were collapsed, con-
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Health Reports.— The following cases of smallpox, yellow
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Side. — The side is to be distinguished from the various parts
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six were found where H=|^, and three where H=fi. Of course ac-
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sion of the spasm, its return invariably taking place as the anaesthetic influ-
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be borne. Of six cases of tuberculous ostitis of the ankle
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XV. — Dr Joseph Bell then read his paper entitled observations
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times cause straining and other signs of irritation.
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brought out by very large doses. This, acts on these products, assisting in their
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In describing the operation too much time and space are given to
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