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escape into the blood-current within these sinuses. These arachnoidal
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The conditions, however, are altogether different when violent expiratory
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Case IX.— Mrs. M., aged 28. Had been in labor with her
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We are thus brought face to face with a series of singular
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often in cases of acute sero-fibriuous pleurisj', coming
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One of the patient's eyes had been operated upon about three
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case. This is held over an English standard candle, and so arranged
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FlG. I. — Boundaries of the New Trianyle : Cord of the brachial plexus externally ; scalenus anticus muscle
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well as the conditions producing changes in these, that is to
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opened for discussion. Dr. Chamberlin, of Worcester, said that
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fluid. Previously to that date, indeed, the effusion
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procedure that he adopted were of much weight, and he would ask Dr. Spencer
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(? Filaria) gigas Prout, 1902, is based upon two embryonic filaria struc-
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portraits in each of the two volumes for 1875. "We are glad that the aflairs
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tubes, it is unnecessary to use the greasy materials usually employed to secure the
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pr concussion — a fact which can be cleared up only by a history of the case,
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auricular appendices showed numerous minute tubercles,
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resistance; and accumulates at places more or less remote,
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more and more under the dominion of these laws. Meanwhile,
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the case of single and chaste women, both in London
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which produce great destructive changes. Isolated tuberculosis of the
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philanthropists. " Prosequitur surgens a puppi ventus euntes," said Virgil.
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rendered impracticable for the insects. In hos])itaI discip-
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Erected under my system, become tenants' own property, easy to remove and re-erect, all parts of
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April 5, 1888, at which time she complained of hoarse-
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gave, on the other hand, apparently good results without pain.
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not be found through the rectum ; (6) in malformations
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sputa begin to assimie the characteristic admixture of blood peculiar
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young Clinicians. By Richard Hage.v, M.D., Lecturer at the University
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ments in the past to become dimmed or tarnished by neglect of present
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the sinuses. In addition, there are congestion of the capsular vessels and distention
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Secretary, R. E. Brooks, Burlington, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1919 1920 1922
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medium doses. Few if any teachers or writers take special pains
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processes can be improved upon. When such improvements
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