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January 26th. Left hospital the day before yesterday ; and that even-
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1 oz., water 6 oz., gum 1 oz.; dissolve. Some add a little
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should be selected in such a way that no preformed pressor
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ments show that the vessels of the splanchnic area are much more intensely-
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1866.] Dickson, Statistics of Height and Weight. " 379
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front or behind the trachea, may produce marked dyspnea or choking
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four abortions. The last abortion ten months ago ; the last full-term
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that I have not only failed to visit my Alma Mater, but have
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did not regard as more than cicatricial, l)ut an X-ray jjliotograph would at once
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rest is not demanded ; change of surroundings with administration of mild
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count. The Murphy button can be used very satisfac-
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bility is, to a slight degree, diminished. Except for a congestion and
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drains anterior to the clavicle into superclavicular glands. The mus-
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it from corruption and unbearable noisomeness; it is the salt in
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Behrend und Dr. A. Hildebrand. Published Monthly. Erlangen: Palm and
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beginnings of later scientific researches. While living at Mortlake
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unaccompanied by glandular complications. It generally escapes observation
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Frantz, I. H., SinjGEON.— Granted leave of absence for two
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arises an affection which may resemble psoriasis. The features which have
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increase the paralyzing effect of nondepolarizing muscle relaxants such
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3. Boil 6 poppy-heads in 4 quarts of water till reduced to 2
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nearly always welcome on both sides. It is you, touchy
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paralysis of the gut ; {i) volvulus ; {c) stricture by bands produced
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Disease of the Supra- Renal Capsules — .\ddison'8 Disease. Involuntary Seminal
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ditions : especially among the poor. The early recognition of