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in that year. The numbers are again rising and in a year or
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venting the usual nocturnal accession of spasmodic symptoms.
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bation was distilled. Xo change in the acidity of the distillate
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apparatus Fig.. To the rings of this is attached a stout
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from locomotor ataxia. The very fact that the disease
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pharynx to the stomach d The stomachy or first true digesting
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A lt gt braaA a. Vork County Medical Society York February.
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one of the other solutions of indigo above may be used.
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in fifty eight cases there were forty eight with lacerations
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for that and the next day should be saved strained
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polymorphous rash ulceration of the throat falling off of the hair and
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roots and hay in wet weather. Abundant dry feediag and
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of convulsions or appear at the end of fatal poisoning. The
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favoring and predisposing to the development of one or
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with the arms extended at first five times on rising
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is referred to per cent had suckled their infants while per cent had
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expectation that any form of electricity that could be applied to
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to be really effective against the trichina the cooking of pork and ham
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Francis Adams Jr. have not been and may never be generally re
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ited by their Southern colleagues and thus assure them that our
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there may be a primary chronic enlargement which may be either a slight
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often it is somewhat opalescent or it may contain blood it is
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for the Yokohama Naval Hospital and will be rushed to com
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arises in the course of pulmonary tuberculosis the real nature
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or hours the bacilli become granular. Usually however if kept under
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were also taken sick with intermittent fever. And here it may be
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any oedema of the legs. The appetite was good he enjoyed
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sessed of great variability both morphologically and biologically so
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situated lowest and internally as a congestion and greater succulence of the
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mitted them to the public press would have roused such a whirlwind
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to be satisfactory and encourages me to believe that
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hypochondriac regions and extending downward occupied a
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of fresh air and sunshine with prolonged mental effort predisposes to the
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