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into a carnivorous animal. Copious instructions were given for the prepa-

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denly came upon a perisinus abscess, but as there Avere no

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Woman's Hospital, we know that of course, he is the best

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complete absence of the respiratory murmur, rising to the same

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fluence of its climate on the course of the malady, but, as

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from the spleen, and, also, the vasa brevia from the stomach, the

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similar to, but less severe than those experienced at the

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other complaint ; but it is of some importance to recognise it at

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tion of the general nutrition. This is due either to lack of appetite,

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Dr. Henry — In that case I move that we go into Committee of the Whole to consider

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cough ; sore throat in severe cases ; discharges from nos-

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weakening of the heart as compared with the normal activity

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the necessity of correcting a number of defects that occur in younger

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charges recently said to have been made, that the state medical examiners

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cases of "X disease" occurred m this district for the first time. The

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in the chest cavity. They are somewhat narrow above, but broader

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of the hepatic duct, almost in the substance of the liver,

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desolating want of success, and eight out of the nine cases

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disease. The knee-joints were rigid, but the metacarpo-

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sympathetic nervous system, and the organs of digestion.

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with caustic potash, but which neither undergoes fermentation nor

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organs, and, in a measure that we cannot conceive of,

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hole for mistake. To aim at ultra-simplicity leaves

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naturally suggests itself that it could be of importance for therapeutics

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(b) Thrill was recorded in but two cases: in one there was an

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brans tympanorum, proving the existence of an aperture in both. Hearing

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expectant method, and a considerable time is usually necessary

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George Edward Day was lorn on August 4, 181.5, at Tenby.

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ber of beats which occur in the minute, but, also, the particular nature of

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out in localities by energetic and enlightened boards of

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