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A trocar and canula and an ordinary fountain syringe are the only
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deed, the late M. Raspail founded a school of therapeutics
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any eruption having preceded it, — e. g., on the face, — and that, too,
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an attempt to restrain the patient in bed, while a good deal
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to be most mischievous. For this reason the disease is
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commonest is the Citellus ieecheyi. They live in colonies in burrows
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2:1. In severe cases of rheumatic pericarditis, according to Walshe, the
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him." With their help he half walked, half dragged his legs
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Some Suggestions on the Administration of Anesthetics — Dr. J. C. Mont-
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terest which seem worthy of consideration if not of further application.
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established. Thus one drug spurred her on to take the
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else.^ In the records submitted, the pressure values are given in the
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leucocytosis occurs. Two days after my examination the blood
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%ak*sft ^iHohiot tft JirtJ«k<l iju xh^Mi^ y^uru^ M'irtir> uii*-
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Clinical Memoranda, Correspondence, or News Items of
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acquire skill in their use, than to attempt to have a large pharmacopoeia
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with the operation of the special cause of variola ; in other words, small-
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consequently, it behooved me to increase the operating space
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• encouraging greater physician involvement in the
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no good reason exists why we should regard them as really ex-
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(1) Simple dyspepsia in neurasthenia in which normal functions
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British surgeons have considered debatable. In fact,
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of such a character as to destroy the vitality of the organism. ( )n
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point. I am quite sure it would be absolutely impossible for us to make
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Martin Edward Hanke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry.
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they resolve like the two preceding diseases, it is often by
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inclusions of craniopharyngeal duct epithelium, the contents of which
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superficial way of examining the eyes at Randall's Island
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Facts show that the number of vaccine vesicles has a decided influence on
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are (1) where pigs have access to range and plenty of green pasture,
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stenosis a wide one. If there is also a stenosis of the pylorus a
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