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** When difficult and obscure cases present themselves in which a positive

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many able and conservative obstetricians who have recently written and

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language of the applicant, the applicant to furnish and pay an

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ballast-men, and in his time and in his vocation he played his

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are registered. These children are quite unable to learn

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Casb 17. — Charles P — , set. eleven weeks. Found dead in bed,

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medical councils. So far as the matriculation is concerned, looking at that matter from a

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entirely the distribution of the nerves of the trunk. The

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Spenceu C. Devan, M.D., passed assistant surgeon, United

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bladder ; and the bowels should be allowed to he open as little as

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certain temperature is reached or not, an apparatus

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years e.-^actly the same appearances were noted bj- me in the

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topics, or who wish to make remarks in the discussion of them, are cordially

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place the foot in the straight position. The result liad

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leptic manifestation), and tiiat she was still keeping quiet for two days in the

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done with them ; to receive complaints of alleged cruelty to, or

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great and alarming degree. There is scarcely a member of the profes-

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ble, in bringing the blood back through the veins, the arterial

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— the liquid thus obtained being reduced by evaporation to a state

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handicap that the physician had not be allowed to re-

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Chaecot and Yulpian in 1862 gave doses of .01, .02, .03 three

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losis of some particular joint. Long-continued weakness is a frequent sequel,

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diathesis? the condition that is inherited in the subject having a family

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transmit disease may be gathered from the earliest human records.

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anterior part of cervix; child dead; she died in twenty-four hours. (Ibid.,

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muscle spasm at all, or with slight rigidity of all the abdominal muscles;

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Avilling to charge themselves with bringing up an abandoned infant in

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to the time when the patient, becoming impatient, placed himself in charge

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thi-sts). [Gr. t>&x^ spine -h five^ marrow -f- ^'-

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The tendon stopped at the interval between the tuberosities,

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many of these cases such treatment has been followed by

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served in a small nimiber of cases. In some of these cases the appear-

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Qa, notes ; Bqa, brachia anterior ; Rd, direct cortical tract root ; Ss,

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operations upon the cadaver, the writer concludes that

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action and position during the entire operation and dressing without i

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nevertheless resemble in all points hemiplegia due to cerebral haemorrhage.

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The paralysis of the right arm, was said by his daughter, Avho

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showing that the motor cells in the medulla supplying the levator palati

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Sudorifics must be relied upon if hydragogue cathartics be not borne