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specified in tlie first section of the act of 1869 should be made

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lower animals. Journ. Comp. Path. & Therap., (1901), 14, 45-59, 1 pi. — On

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it is increased both in the vertical and transverse directions, L e., is both

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I assume $150, the amount spent by the Commissioners of

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which, during life, was quite indistinguishable. These latent metastatic

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Maladetta glacier, at a considerably higher level. M.

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In the following instances, either the injection or the internal admin-

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symptom of the bleeding. This is daily observed in patients with

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a weight of twelve pounds or more. The form of the enlarged organ

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previous or concomitant disease of the bronchial mucous membrane.

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tities of saliva flowed from the mouth. These experiments appear

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the ulcers which have bled, and the edges and base of the ulcer are

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ist, we usually, indeed, hear nothing but rhonchi and fine moist rdles,

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limate, copper, or other metallic salts ; these are surrounded by active

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inspiratory expansion of the air-cells, and upon whose distinctness from

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ach ; while intentional poisoning occurs most frequently from arsenic

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Gaz. lek., Warsawa, (1889), II, 9, 46-50; also, transl.: St. Petersb. med.

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faces of the pleura lose their smoothness through fibrinous deposit or

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forates externally, rudiments of the echinococcus vesicle are mingled

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on account of the ischaemia of the skin, the internal organs, and among

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and a thin, mucoid sputum was expectorated. His face was congested and anxious

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although it is not easy, in all cases, to distinguish between the two

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of pelvic cellulitis; or of pelvi-peritonitis, was dwelt upon at some length,

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from the use of medicaments. We have already called attention to the

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to fill the ventricle, the murmur heard in mitral stenosis is of longer

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The editor is J. P. Rottot, M. D., and the assistant editors

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served, where in heart and lung diseases I have been able to diagnose

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that they play tbeir most important role by predisposing to other diseases.

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do not take place at all where the emphysema does not appear until

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a very few months, without the expenditure of very much money, be

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open a way for the entrance of bacteria. None of these explanations is

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most varied hypotheses have been started about the occurrence of these

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evidence before any magistrate or grand-jury, or in any court,

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diagnosis of hypertrophy and dilatation of the heart, and of pericardial

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frequently in cirrhosis. If the escape of the bile be entirely prevented,

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number and size of the efferent vessels of the aorta are reduced by the

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well-marked case of this class has been under observation for the past

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1805, says there were always jfrom 40 to 60 vessels in quaran-

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In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the