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phoresis. Di'. Hingston Fox : (I) Case of Lyniphadenoma ;

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and thereby heads fall into the water, who is there then who catches

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deaths : and on the Saturday no fewer than l-io cases were still undertreat-

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was exhibited by Dr. Shields at a meeting of the Branch,

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inserted in the Bill of the Hampstead and Charing Cross

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cient number, especially on night duty ; (2) the appointment

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The undermentioned officers have leave of absence as specified ■ —

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Medical Board. They point out how unfair it is to grant a

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Erind, H. H., St. Mary's. UoUick. J. O., Birmingham and

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adherent to this swelling (though the skin was .edematous), and gurgling

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■following account of the cases of poisoning which have

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origin, being 19th in descent fmm Edward I, ai-cording to

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PHERSON proposed that this recommendation be endorsed, and

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alimentary canal, because lie failed to detect it in thn urine

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was perforated, but in only one instance was there a concre-

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Physician to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.

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with a strength of twenty-four officers, a total of tliirty

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begin his course of three Arris and Gale lectures on Physi-

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the circle of the middle class, that large and very important class of

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sufficient for abortive action, because the agents used do not

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some of these cases treatment by electrolysis was useful, and

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be dreaded than is the cessation of the external secretion.

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We are, on broad public grounds, all in favour of this

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At Bishop Auckland, on April 13th, William Todd, of Evenwood, was

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vomited, though she made occasional gulps like those which

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Aldersgate Street, on Wednesday, May 17th. During the-

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of lectures rather than a single paper, and, although I have

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I did myself an injustice, for I find that in the descriptive

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These are but instances of our larger ports, but they show a state of

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tered on that subject Sir Walter Foster would be able to

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alimentary canal, because lie failed to detect it in thn urine

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■ The well-known cau-e of the mischief is the deposition, in the tissues

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was "poisoned," and threatening to kill herself that she i

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called the apparent right of the ditferent combatant brandies to

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during the week under notice. The rates in the several towns rauged from

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also Mason, the translator of Lucretius, Leyden the great

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In our own sanitary system there are many defects, but in

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pay. May 3rd. Entering the sen-ice as Assistant-Surgeon April 1st, 1.S71.