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may even prove fatal, without, however, presenting any post-mortem

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as the fourth, or even the third, intercostal space, according to the size of

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desired, he wrote several letters, and, no doubt, wrote

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strengthen the right side of the heart, leaving the left ventricle

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the two specimens submitted by Dr. Handfiold-Jones as ' Fibromyoma

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she had suffered for years from what are certainly hysteric

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in the Pneumococci that part which stimulates antibody fonnation,

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ring sometimes at pretty regular periods, and often in the torturing paroxysms

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with a cane. A knee check was then adjusted to prevent in-

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yet I never had a case of cholera there. Tlie wives and

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Postoperative Oowrae. — ^Bacteriologic examination of pus from malleolar

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strongly resisted. The region of the left trochanter was

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apparent from a study of the circumstances; from sepsis, with interstitial

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Bacillus by its Peculiar Reaction towards Certain Stains,"

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spicules. Female with two ovaries and a tapering posterior end ; vulva

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Professor Schnitzler of Vienna had arrived lately, from a serielvaf experiments

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branes adherent by gummy exudate. I have just seen a feeble example of

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T\hich cuts and deftroys the relative fituation of the fevcral

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of pain in this than in any other joint. The swelling may be quite marked.

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of Paris, and Corresponding Member of the Psychiatric and

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permits me to inspect his new saw, and it seems that it is

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vomiting, when the intestines and stomach are encroached upon ; swol-

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tion of the scattered population. A glance at the way in

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the Crimean war. Assuming then, that these constitute the entire number of undoubted

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The supposed cause of his trouble, which began twenty-one

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from protein; and glucose, or antiketogenic potentialities, from

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of illegal restraint. Such a fond superstition has this

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found open, admitting the finger readily, and the nterus was

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j, 38. — Theobald (S.) A fragment of glass in tlie eye,

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nntil ten years ago, since which time she has had occasional attacks

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theless, nothing has hitherto come to light calculated to shake

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under such circumstances being caused either by extreme debility, or by

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The following table, modified from Mackenzie, indicates the various conditions

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C. When first taken, or soon after the chill, put 5 drops of

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board certified/eligible. New ICU, RCU, and pulmonary function