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tween the different diets upon which the patient was put, as well as
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typical case. Hemorrhage from the bowel or by mouth,
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it to a temperature of from 220° to 230° F. until it ceases to lose weight on
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Circumscribed collections of sero-fibrinous or purulent liquid are usually,
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(c) Syphilis. — For the primary or superficial lesion, the dark-field
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Chronic tuberculosis may, however, form a sequel, and under appropriate
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ammonia, the formation of the triple phosphates Avas very
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ity and commonplace audacity with which the medical pro-
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severity index. Each severity level has an assigned
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Special Senses: Blurred vision, taste alteration, anosmia, tinnitus, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, tearing.
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cause of his fall is not known, though a neighbor saw him
tract, but these cases are exceptional. Most of the tumours are of
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Aminophylline should be given by intravenous load as fol-
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stirring until a milk-white emulsion is formed. Measure into a graduated cylinder
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eye, and comprising animal, vegetable and mineral matter, and animal
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among the better classes, is to be found in our grow-
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the bladder from the uterus and broad ligaments.^ In
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most useful remedy is iron. Brandt's method of irritating the uterine mucous
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gan, wholly destined for the purpose of secretion, he then cer«
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lungs, for the present purpose we are mainly concerned
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Ave minutes, a period which is fifty times as great as thai which observa-
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The Treatment of nystagmus is sometimes satisfactory ;
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with tubercle bacilli, but Aufrecht points out that these animals
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The course of the symptoms, therefore, closely corresponds with those met
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from cerebral haemorrhage, so that the prognosis in these cases is most
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At the time referred to, experiments were being done in the
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McCormick, Joseph Converse, M.D . Practitioner.. Illinois.
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the brain by that fluid. But death occurs in this case, in con-
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Of the different causes, respiratory influences are responsible