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rupted ; so is assimilation ; as the fever advances, so does emacia-

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of body ; urine regularly removed with catheter ; tonics,

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Stewart,W. J.S., passed assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence

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covery of John Hunter, that the gastric fluid, in certain cases,

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occurring singly or in groups or in masses, coccus-like or bacillus-like

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may this substance be procured, and what are the distinctive reactions

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to the stomach should certainly be administered either directly,

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cular meningitis in children, for there is direct and abun-

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are characteristic of enteric fever. Herpes is common in cerebrospinal

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State which plays so important a part in the patient's subsequent life as

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tric ulcer perforating directly into the pleural cavity ;

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VI. cap. 24, says, " Thoraci infensissima est."— Horseback

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nosed the patient should be treated on the principles laid

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frozen and dried in vacuo. The dried bacterial mass is then incorporated in

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says that the mind remained perfectly clear in one of his patients, who had

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mild cases, occupyinj^ l)ed8 very remote from eacli

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an indictment under the South Carolina statute, pro-

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1805 ; xcith Remarks on the Use of Calomel in the Treatment of

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probably a change going on in the form of enteric fever

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and bathe with the Carbolic Acid lotion. If the wound is on the

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vaccinifers, or the girl who was vaccinated from one of them (and then became

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hite, Anderson; Third Vice-President — Dr. Thomas

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a distinct type, but represents more properly a transition stage of the

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The difficulty in swallowing, which made the administration

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jerks, the ankle clonus with the Babinski phenomena, and the autom-

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per cent., to begin with, followed by mercuric chloride solution and

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ment of the cold fit. Heat and perspiration, however, still continued ;

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Treatment. — Attempt to discover and then to relieve the

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it with alcohol. You let it remain long enough to get the anes-

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tin gave cultivations of isolated colonies of typhoid-fever bacilli.

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are visual, auditive, olfactory, or tactile. Hypnotism

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minutes. The patient had a stormy course over the next

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tion. If timely and complete rest be not resorted to, recovery is not to be

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liar kind will be treated, but every kind of disorder and

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was tlie result of a congenital deficiency in the arterial

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Pure air at a genial temperature constantly maintained, guards

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