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January 30th. He was appointed Assistant Surgeon, September ir.th, 18.57;
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obtained better attention for the sick poor, and they believed
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EncyclopcBiiia Britannica. He did not like the Staffordshire
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will take place at the AVhitehall Rooms, Hotel Metropole, on
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2. Each professor should retain a certain interest iu the fees paid for
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Seven patients had both lungs undergoing softening or ex-
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when any changes were discovered they were slight an! un-
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ing the medical adviser to negotiate, and even settle, a claim
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granted that all the facts as to cholera were made public at
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neuritis due to septicaemia, but thought Dr. White's case was
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and 7, St. Paul's Churchyard, E.G., some samples of " triti-
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SHEFFIELD CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (East End Branch-), Sheffield.—
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truded from the prostate and exactly like a myoma from the
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cal Officer of Health for the Brynmawr Urban Sanitary District.
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the compressed vegetable-fibre armour, invented by a
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these were discovered by the visits of the ambulance staff, and 203 were
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she had extreme lordosis, and a plumb line dropped from the
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anaesthetic and at the same time an agreeable stimulating
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and scandalised by its revelations. Let us at least know if
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opened by Mr. J. Beddow, the wound healing up rapidly. A
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on-Tyne; James Ernest Lane, F.R.C.S., 55, Queen Anne
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quentlymakes its appearance in these parts. Itmust, therefore,
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England and Wales, if possible distinguishing (a) the upper and
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the progress which has obviously taken place may be worth
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space, then the few germs that may have left the aflected body may be
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two further cases of small-pox have occurred in Edinburgh and three in
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ether. The most abundant impurity— whether the nucleo-
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We are relieved from the duty of expressing any opinion
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their duty by the strong protests cf the Chairman of the Parliamentary
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sexually mature adults ; these in their turn give rise to
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lETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS. Etc., have been received from :
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must necessarily take the initiative in such a movement ; but
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%* Our correspondent should apply to the relieving officer for his
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of the Glasgow University Students' Representative Council,
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conceptions regarding the use and meaning of death certifi-
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dividuals whose serum did not show such powers, or showing
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cases, a marked contrast to those of Dr. Ord's. Dr. Greenfield
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examination, the parents referred to one practitioner who was
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manner. It is only the most minute analysis of the pheno-
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tions alone are no evidence. While attempting to trace a connection
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life. It may interest some of them to compare the dietary
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and Co., price Is., and in a recent article by VV. Vignal, D.Sc . published
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on the general sanitary condition of the York Rural District. It contains