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In case of deafness due to exudation within the labyrinth, rub this

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as small-pox did the human race. This view of the malignancy

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of Weber and Hargesheimer still were associated with the drug business.

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MODERN GYNECOLOGY. A Treatise on Diseases of Women, Comprising

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For a long time the symptoms of neurasthenia were errone-

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characteristics of a scirrhous that it not only tends to increase

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first place, the volume pulse is usually quite small during such collapse,

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copious perspiration ; severe sickness, with anorexia, thirst, and consti-

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often called acute catarrhal laryngitis. During life the mucous membrane is

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of the heart, originating in middle life, there can be no question.

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cavity (the two lateral ventricles forming one cavity). Third ventricle slightly

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lated to lower the vital powers ; from mercury and col chic am ;

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Douhoff^ gave chloroform to various degrees in five

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Animals, the same malady is described as " enzootic hematuria

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and closes the third term of my presidency. I have endeav-