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who, during 1881, observed many cases of gonorrhoeal
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(see also Pain, p. 752). Hemorrhage may prove a serious compUcnling k-
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that scarlet fever is a septicaemia self-Hmited in its nature,
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with the Aletris Farinosa (see Starwort). They are some-
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fying. The pain points have disappeared and the patients walk and lie
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sion of syphilis seems to be comparatively frequent in Russia
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gaden, Kelheim, Kaiserslautern, Diirkheim, Cham, Kronach,
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of their existence, from the non-pigmented amoeba to the sporulating
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sternum at the base of the xiphoid cartilage. The sternum
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parfectly clear with a trace of a ring or collarette.
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fibres, the external layers especially ; in other parts it was
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ventricle simply distends some of the larger vessels — any expansion of the
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surface of the heart than usual. Occasionally the valve is also separated
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alii tabacum, alii petam, aut iiicotiaiiani vocant,
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Thiersch, and dressed with a moist sterile dressing
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tion onward to its natural abiding place nor retarding in the least the
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The more frequent these acute exacerbations of pyelitis and pyeloneph-
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o'clock a shivering of half an hour, followed by perspiration, which
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power) of the whole of the detritus. Mr. Rodger lived for three years after
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fectly free from Pain ; and though before not able to put one
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blood does not occur in the capillaries of the lungs : if
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extractor, for it is apt to slip, and it is difficult with it to adapt the head
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With regard to the development of the blood-corpuscles, Dr. Flint's
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development of a variable degree of lactosuria and a common ten-
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Solis, et extimos lunse montes, et jovis satellites, et novam quasi
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be treated according to their character. The most important, because
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LEWIS A. STIMSON, M.D., Surgeon to Bellevue and Presbyterian Hospitals, New York.
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this sign is not always a positive indication nor is it always
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By Lieutenant B. F. Norwood, Medical Corps, U. S. N 818
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As regards its pathological character, Bastian and others den}- that it
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the greatest care — to the conclusion which is necessarily deducible from a mass
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plunge the point (a cutting-edge Hagedorn) into a bit of
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perfectly with my academic research interests in civilian
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to refer at once to the period and duration of his former ill-
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