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an Eclectic physician. Disgusted at such narrowness and intol-
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complete volumes, 200. Numbers of Journals, 2,636. Pamphlets, Inaugural
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To prevent lead poisoning obey the following rules :
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presents the characteristic strawberry appearance. Then, or a day later,
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nal organ removed. Dr Pratt testified that he had seen the
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Swedes, who are masters in this field, would seem question-
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the two remaining divisions. 2. Predisposing causes. 3. Exciting causes.
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There are other methods of liberating bails than that
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result in laminitis and exhaustion. As to the best method
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it is probable that the vicinity of White Plains. West
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prepared to operate as soon as possible after injuries in which
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Occasionally cyanosis of the face, neck, and upper part of the
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to dryness. Melt the salt in a covered crucible to a red
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the diagnosis. In a patient with a doubtful history, a positive
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food. The liquid food, especially the milk preparations men-
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the above evidence that the Bad. ovisepticus isolated was the
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as to all six, and only consider case three worthy of the name;
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The various student societies take the place of the State organizations
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be a special ' brain doctor,^ whilst the functions of the brain
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process, maintained that the disease starts round the vasa vasorum, and
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after the manner of Dr. Lewis A. Sayre of New York. After
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