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patient should now tell the examiner if the current is

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reformatory institutions and principles. Perhaps equally

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There was no bleeding and in the course of a few days the

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affections and myasthenia gastrica then gastritis ulcer of t.he

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tive are most valuable and instructive and the author is

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tissue and near the giant cells. Most of the bacilli were

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age who entered Dr. Potter s service at the City Hos

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The authorities allowed him to be examined but withheld his

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enriched by the writings of Blumenbach Reil Richter Spren

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except by the catheter and cystitis or catarrh of the bladder

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was laid in the pelvis. The specimen was exhibited. The

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the empirics are concerned. Dr. Reynolds has looked after it

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Photographic representations of extraordinary injuries portray

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follow in the steps of many of us in Health Careers.

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ital Keep thoroughly warm and give a drop or two of digi

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iously endemic. In all of the cases except those in the

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an oxytocic. As compared with ergot he says. It acts more promptly

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The normal pulse in the adult is close to seventy a minute.

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tion. This is so remarkable that the Laticel questions

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of a balloon introduced into the cardiac end of the

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trol many different influences come into competition and the unpre

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symptoms grossly exaggerated. Dr. Cushing immediately had her readmitted and

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area was not so circum.scribed as Robson s point and cor

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When in electrolytic operations the needles are very

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sanity nor has the insanity anything to do with the neu

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change the actual figures for the five periods of six

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attest its great repute. Thence I went to Newcastle in the

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Mississippi secretary. Dr. Raymond Wallace of Chattanooga

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Some very recent discoveries of great importance have been made

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lessened in intensity while in some cases the murmur dis

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opera tlon for see Barton. A. cap sular stiffness of

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appeared three hundred and ten articles in Hungarian

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Of the artificial sources of light mention may be made of the Welsbach

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the patient imagines himself pursued by enemies or demons. Flint mentions

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determined in conjunction with and as a continuation of the method