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pharynx. It could not be swallowed, and could only have been expelled

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health on the 12th March, i8gi, five months after inoculation ; some

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lungs, and testis. There w-as, however, no evidence of acute inflam-

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groove of the director. A rubber drainage-tube, rendered aseptic by

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being thus disposed of, there remained still the question of its being a

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lation. The chnical characters were such as to leave no doubt regard-

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chosen candidate of the Liberal party for the representation of the

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six months. Had been in its owner's possession for two years. On

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Treatment. — The foot was pared, disinfected, and surrounded with a

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the right lung was dull, and at this point borborygmus, heart-sounds,

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Of 212 severely wounded, there died 50; viz.: from pyemia, 23 ;

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valuable preparation which Mr. Busk has this year presented. The

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death were all brought into hostile action. First, they were subjected

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Lecturer on Medicine at the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School.

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tissue. Certain sections which appear greyish, and of the same firm

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very small. Treatment similar to that of Case 3. Recovery in eight

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ral rule, the disease attacked parties of ten or to twenty simultaneously,

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an incision an inch and a half in length was made over the left false

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pened — where I am — what I say. But I know what I

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dusted with iodoform and covered with a pad of antiseptic wool, re-

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for I know that suddenly — to-morrow — I might begin to have a string

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scratching or rubbing, variable in character, development, and gravity.

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come from a stable in which contagious pneumonia was raging;

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mellaril and thorazine are examples of

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while still under Dr. Pollock's care, that the blood reappeared, as he

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MALE LOCK HOSPITAL — House-Surgeon : applications, 15th: vacancy, Aug. i.

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referred to oftenest as a remover of distempers of the

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place before the injured valves fall together (as far as they can do so),

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"Forte latus, nigros angusta fronte capillos." — I Epist. VII, 24.

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The session at the Ecole de Medecine was to have been formally

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— but if the needle were more vigorously employed it half turned its

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obtained a package of the mutilated torn leaves. He

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his eyes dilated with terror, his face blanched, and,,

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of public opinion, thanks to the medical press, to the much vituperated

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non-fluctuating, cool, painless swelling ; the right was rather larger

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each particular union. With regard to the third question, the Poor-

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All these facts are given in the following tables :

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lower surface of the neck as high as the head. In most patients the

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