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engorgement of the body of the uterus and dilatation of its cavity.

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over the abdomen ; the pain is so intense as to produce a cold sur-

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as poflible, the nuifance complained of j but in this country,

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came dark in color, apparently from containing meco-

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nation of the blood in the central portions of the circulatory system, the altered blood

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generally split the femur in the direction of its fibres. His experience of

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physician in charge sent him to the General Hospital at Key

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the second week since the disease was recognized, and

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suaded that the former antiphlogistic treatment, followed by calomel, etc.,

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I do not feel equal to the task of expounding Van Hel-

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and both direct and indirect disturbances of circulation ; di-

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uine, we contemplate them with cold approbation, and turn from

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pacity to elevate cerebrospinal fluid pressure may be markedly exaggerated in the presence of head injury, other

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occurs in many instances in pleurisy and ascites." (S.

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suffering from gravel, lead-poisoning, or arterio-sclerosis. In them Bright's

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stage at least by the primary disease, an early diagnosis is difficult to make.

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examinations, immunizations and inoculations, and outpatient psychiatric care. Children under 7 would be fully

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rosettes and some division forms were present. On February 14th about the

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lesion was of the intra-muscular motor and sensory nerves, but

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10th — ^took well. Eruption on 22d, still more diffuse by 24th.

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Complete V-shaped discission was performed, but the cortex

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demned in these dairies. It is further to be noted that during the

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good progress during the past year, for not only does the already

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general empty, but here and there is a small amount of granular material on the

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and extreme weakness. When the treatment was started

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tory,”^'* remarked early 20th-century historian Frederic

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