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only at certain periods of the year (during rut or heat, technically
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pentoxifylline (trental) is a medication used for which of the following
business Dr. E. L. Bolton of Chilton read the report of .a case of sarcoma
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margin of the convexity of the lens ; and thus their tendency to
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■^"" <'lV'.m..u th,. -ur,e,.n dei ided uhether the e:.e .li,.u!d be
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the urine. It must be admitted, of course, that experimental animals are
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Allen, I performed herniotomy by a longitudinal incis-
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with one another they are apt to blend, and before long to form a promi-
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cotton - not a hint of an indica- j.vik,,,., „,• t|,e College oF Physicians,
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ble to do this in man by making use of the blood groups that are so well
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the pain ; and is then very persistent. The attacks are determined by
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and the vagino-intra parietal, i. e., where it occurs in the walls of the
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ing the sham acupuncture in the second phase reported a
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pingitis, uterus retroverted in the second degree and adherent.
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t Langenbeck's Arch. f. klin. ( hir., 1881, vol. xxvi, p. 151.
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Tlie instrument used is the wire snare, of which several
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latter may, however, be used from above to control hemorrhage and
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sufficiently tall to be commanding — five feet ten to eleven, I should
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restlessness, hallucinations, and elevated SGOT, SGPT. total and
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pitch depends directly upon the number of individual contractions,
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Thorburn, of Toronto ; " The City Hospital," with responses by
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I was interested, while looking up the subject to note
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acid might be of benefit in certain prescriptions. The acetate of
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to au almost fatal hemorrhage. The child did well, however, and so continued
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state of the vessels, in Cases III. and IV., is most interesting; and so is
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The report was adopted, and the chairman authorized to make
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xvi, 520. — Itesteven (L.) An acute case of typhoid
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had removed. The patients were twenty-five and twenty-eight
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covering the use of the drug in almost every field of medicine — support
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be ap[>ointed, to aid in making arrajigements for the annual dinner.
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. liar merits as a chemical philosopher, seemed to preclude all
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tongue and the speech are rarely, if ever, so affected as in progressive
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include a feeling of fulness in the head on stooping, ringing
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Others merely notice a little blood on the pillow from the slightly-
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I do not believe that the most prejudiced advocate of cli-
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fever. Another iniiirovement which will eventually still
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In considering the best locations for medical educational work
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And what is the result we arrive at by this contemplation? We
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the heart. This we can obtain very satisfactorily by the
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