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boring organs being employed to fill up the vacancy arising from
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eyebrow. I prescribed for her nothing more than the ordinary hospital
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veoli), which contain a gelatinous fluid. Microscopic examination of
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is a frequent cause of fluxion to the lung, and as, in youthful subjects,
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of gonococcus known in opsonic work, standardize the vaccine, and send
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sufficiently concentrated. In the etiology of gastric catarrh we men-
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* Von Arx, M. Leptothrixphlegmone, eine Phlegmone sui generis. Correspondent-
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uniformis Theob., Stegomyia fasciata persistans Banks, Uranotcenia
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place in every being from minute to minute. The researches
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Stevenson (31) in 10.8 per cent of insane: Ashford, King, and Tgaravidez ( 2 )
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and especially of hysterical aphonia, that we may almost with certainty
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forgotten in tlie history of this Medical Society of the County
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of a profound syphilitic dyscrasia. It is generally observed in
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speedy death seems imminent, and yet they leave the institution, in
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knowledge about the absolute danger of combining large lying-
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we undertook these experiments to determine whether either the deflection
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tive tissue attaching the coecum and ascending colon to the iliac
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De. IIeistry moved to amend by substituting a preamble
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surface, so that, in these very rare instances, the epigastrium, instead
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neok by the violent pressure of the diaphragm, which, as it were, makes
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We have frequently given our ^reasons for not considering these
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tuberculosis. In my belief, the only rational and promising cure for
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having exhausted the subject. I have already, I know, to beg
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given by different authors, do not by any means correspond.
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weaker. On the 9th the bowels acted freely, and the intus-
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and muscle, experience has here more right to respect than physiological
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such cases (the pneumonia having resulted in induration) the physical
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grounds, where there is a tumor in the epigastrium, the diagnosis of
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outright. While we are doubtless entirely capable with the armed force
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others it is more disposed to penetrate deeply, and thus may lead to
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males, not only has the university gained a number of hard-
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with oil-globules, fat granule-cells, and collections of granules, and of
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augmented secretion, and active generation of young cells (pus-cor-
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tion of a tsenia, containing an abundance of fecundated eggs
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fluctuation appears sooner or later in the abdomen or thigh ; when the
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in human pathology than is generally assigned to it.
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months and 5 days. A month is always taken in my accounts
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over the heart, or partial, that is, limited to certain portions of it
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lege Hospital. By J. Russell Reynolds, M. D., F. R. S., Professor of the
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