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and without vibration. Besides, it is evident that in cases where these valves
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to the spine (opposite p. 26), and where, with American inge-
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eye causing the irritation. The following case is an example :
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tion, and continuous with the surrounding connective tissue
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power of running its course unchecked, that enucleation of the
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forming the horse-shoe kidney. Supernumerary ones may be found. M.
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hour's duration. Pulse at the commencement was frequent and small;
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decolorised blood-clots, portions of bone and cartilage broken
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from Jeddah) with pilgrims on board returning from Mecca. It
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nection between the two is much more decided than has been
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fibres always exhibiting it with great distinctness. The longi-
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considerably lengthened, as well as dilated, being thirteen inches long, the
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their course and symptoms than that attempted by Dr. Mauds-
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cases (of Mengue') cannot be distin^ished ^om. those of mild
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altogether without any abatement of the symptoms, and, up to this period, he
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operation to leave only an irregular opening. Vision was not im-
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prognosis is comparatively the worst, four cases out of eleven having
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with bloody discharges from the rectum, the nature and colour
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drafts are felt in direct ratio with the fear one has for
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tescent effusion and false membranes; the base of the lungs inflamed. The
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When the blowing is remarkably loud, it is observable that the note of the
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from that of others who do not suffer from the disease ; and,
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probably to be accounted for by the intimate relation 1
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secured in their places by a sort of cap, with a narrow bandage passing from
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siderable time afterward. It wears down the victim's
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served by myself, M. Monod, and the pupils who were present: —
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with the transmission of nerve power, the more especially as strych-
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development of the pustules. The work of Cotugno was published in 1771.
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sometimes be traced to a traumatic origin, it is in general developed
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The danger of the free application of belladonna or stramonium in cases
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cian or nose and throat specialist may be able to express
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It is well known that during the late outbreak of cholera in the
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movements, but also of co-ordinate or so-called designed actions;
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another 100 cubic inches of air remaining after an or-
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nerves. If medicines are required they must be chosen
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victim may forget his own name, his identity, his resi-
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brick red arseniate, produced by the nitrate of silver, is also questioned. Raspail
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was a child born at the 7;, month of gestation. It lived ten days. On examina-
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spite of it. But let us look to facts. It was in 1836, just before the appearance
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whose body was being dissected in a medical school. The tumour
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" the recently enacted power of enforcing adequate remunera-
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cross strips of zinc oxid adheave plaster, J by 8 inches,
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lowing murmur was heard over the heart, loudest at the base.
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A swelling existed on one of the wrist-ioints from frequent move-
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where emerging from the intervertebral notches, seemed pinched,
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