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Each drug was tested in from fifteen to twenty-five

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greater than has hitherto been thought to be the case."

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is a smooth tapering of the aorta, some dilitation of the

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quarters school of physical training in the Navy, for the purpose of

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of such corresponding State societies, the members of the

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Some idea of the prevalence of syphilis in our army

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symptoms to which it gives rise, by the syphon-tube, is on

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powerful in their after-effects than the weakest serum of

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seconds had elapsed the experiment was discarded. A second reading

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fatal symptom." Such hemorrhagic cases seem to occur by preference

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usually associated with inherited or acquired debility of constitution. A

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result of vegetations or of thickening of the cusps, sometimes

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simply be infrequent with a rythmical regularity or they may be in groups

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" Resolved, That the entire article is a misrepresenta-

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dyspepsia is in itself ample warrant for surgical treatment.

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Case III. — Past history. — Hannah Eyre, aged 50, in May,

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whole epigastrium is more tender and resistant than

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complete paralysis and anesthesia of all four extremities and of the trunk.

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exhibiting greater vigor of growth than either parent. It is a familiar

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soris." Rhazes declared the case to be hopeless, and

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phoses, in the form of fatty degeneration and of calcification of the vegeta-

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role of the physician is very important since it is through

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tenderness is at the tip of the xiphoid cartilage, over the seat of pain.

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are made up of several, often eight, ten, or more, liver lobules (or remains

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to lack of tent space above mentioned, the bedsacks

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dropsy proceed from the mechanical pressure of the liquid, and, other

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finally died from a different disease — cerebral haemorrhage.

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drama of which one could, as time passed on, detect the evolution."

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other from the tuberosity of the ischium. The tendon of the ob-

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class includes the various forms of epulis met with in practice,

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subject. In these cases, I suppose, from the slow and insidiou-;

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difference between cilostazol and clopidogrel

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numbers. Even after death they cannot always be found in the

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is the same as the First Edition, as regards matter; but

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IX. Students who profess themselves ready to submit to an

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heads: (1) The treatment of acute or recent sciatica; (2)