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of solar light energy, the care with which his cases are re-

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elements in the tieatment of tuberculosis is a good supply of easily-

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by three drachms weight, boil in water, then give it

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The spectra of the haloid salts appear consecutively,

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or else if gallic acid in large doses checks 1 A Lady among the Students. — [We ex-

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Again, the matter of diagnosis is sometimes obscure. I

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the traces, and had thus been accidentally killed. According to the medical

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precipitated by these or any other organic substances : it is, therefore, com-

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A very stout elderly lady had a large umbilical hernia,

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Free ammonia reacts with formalin to form hexamethylenetetramine. If

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inflammation, caused by the effusion of the contents of the bowels,

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igling in the tongue and lips, and a strange feeling for the next hour. As

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to note the names of the diseases as given in the report.

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This case was vividly brought to my mind when Dr. Schoolfield read

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One V70rd concerning apomorphine. In tablet form apomor-

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especially those of sexual origin, should be removed.

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nature in order to help rather than hinder her in her difficult work.

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caused by the entrance and expulsion of air to and from the

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form of the abdomen in many diseases is no doubt entirely normal ; but it

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The Council met at 2 o'clock p.m. in accordance with motion for adjournment.

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convalescent in home of practical nurse. Best of care.

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be determined, and frequently structural alterations are well advanced

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hormonal influence tliat allows man to tolerate low sodium

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oil shop, as it was cheaper there, and it is said that the glycerin of com-

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considerable share of his time to study and general reading for three or

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that the results in his medical clinic of 424 cases were as follows:

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ing especially files of medical journals should be established in con-

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one end of a roll of paper against a patient's back and ap-

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medical care of such patients after they are ‘delivered’ to

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Lepra, that we do not hesitate in this way to bring the wish of the

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The fat will be firm and the color resembling grass butter.

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The soreness about the chest, also the pain in the back and side,

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nently broken, as in no instance had she arisen in her