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5. Sirinek KR, Gaskill HV, Root HD, et al: Truncal vascular injury — factors influenc-

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Dr. Jacobi's views on the disease are too well known to the profession to

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Graduating class of the Bennett Medical College. Please notice that some of us at

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Tables should be typed on a separate sheet, numbered with Arabic numerals, and

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ATLL should be considered in the differential diag-

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destruction of the gland, and that the remaining gland tissue continues to

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to an incomplete fracture of the lower jaw, and shock. This patient made

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and will be detailed presently, was under the joint care

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wife of *T. Watkin Williams, Esq,, General Secretaiy of the

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tion. There was no edema. The stool was positive for blood.

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1 Archives G^n^rales de Medeciue, Paris, 1824, t. Iv. pp. 28-26.

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that there will be a preliminary examination at the Royal College-

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where it has been deemed necessary to resort to the

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Beth: I think that maybe some people with this dis-

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judge of the exact condition except by the diagnosis of cancer.

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