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one hour ; — if the patient's strength does not admit of
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operation. Early one morning whilst still in hospital, perforation
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tually one and the same disease, a vi(;w which I had already
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witnesses, and (ii) must get consent from two persons
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the body rose, it began to swell again, but in the evening differed re-
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Orl. M. & S. .L, 1882-3, n. s., x, 1; 321, 1 diag.— Billings
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atology and means of inoculation. Particular attention is called
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he must learn, even from what is at present going on,
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-difficult to remedy than the original malady. It is necessary
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posterior part of the corpus callosum, such as was actually found in
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if not as a serious one. It is not necessary for the physician to make
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thin and burrowed under, with their floors bloody and fungous, with
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who does not report. If this mother had suspected scarlet fever and had
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perfectly typical sympathetic paralysis of one side, with
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^Finister of Education, and the Lieutenant-Governor.
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Synovitis, acute. — 30: 22 M., 8 F., in 23 cases distinct history of injury, in 1
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relieved by the operation for bringing forward the insertion of the tendon.
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and at the same time the injection of the vessels subsides.
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found lx.4ow the space which yields flatness, in the hypogastric and ilitt^
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normal, while in nephritis and cardiac disease with edema, endocar-
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Moreover, I have been differently circumstanced from most other
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that every physician is expected to make a correct diag-
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immediate relief. There is no internal remedy which will " cure" these
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and to that end it is provided in the same bill that such
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likewise reports the detection of trypanosomes in the blood of a Congo official.