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ting out of breath, and her other difficulties have entirely left her. AVe are now

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to diseases of other regions, more particularly to those of complex

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On the following days the wound suppurated, but its walls gradually

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mechanical, thermic, or chemical agencies ; by rubbing or repeated

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animal returned to work, but as treatment was afterwards neglected the

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children, it may be our grandchildren, will have succeeded to our

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By forcing the knee backwards, and thus straightening the leg, the

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Messrs. Maw & Son have supplied us with a description of Dr.

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Young Simpson, Baronet. Is it nothmg, then, to have been trained up entirely

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whicli escapes from the opening in the vein compared with the torrents


greatly contracted, so that the stump could not be protruded. It was

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arranged side by side in the larynx, and three interrupted silk sutures

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^ Manganesii o.\yd. gr. x; acidi hydrocyan. diluti Itiij; aqua; ji.

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Das Kranken-zerstreuungssystem im Felde. Von Dr. E.

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wagon set out from Bonneuil for Maisons-Alfort. During the journey

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Report of Surgical Cases (Edinburgh Medical and Surgical

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nier remarks in a note in his translation of the Morbus

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showed streptococci in short chains in the capillary vessels, in the

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cessation of the evacuations, leave little ground for hope. I should

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This case is, however, not altogether a rare one, as Dr. Radford has

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two-thirds of those in actual practice, these petitions, which were pre-

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little blackish urine. The nervous centres showed no important

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might at any moment recur with fatal consequences. As to radical

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— " Veterinary Obstetrics." Including the Accidents and Dis-

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formed by naked persons. Then, again, M. Sarcey has been told

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But, to return to our patient : I do not think the peculiar dysjes-

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The patient's appearance, the cooing noises and quick Ireathing point to bronchial catarrh, and not to Endocarditis.

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We have to thank Mr. A. Shewen, House-Surgeon, for the following

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To Dr. Root — Sir : I beg to acquaint you of the astonishing relief I have obtained

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might have been avoided. Secondly, the dress was not reasonably